About AllPatient

Why does AllPatient exist?
AllPatient’s mission is to enable everyone in the world to achieve their best possible medical outcomes. We all get sick or have accidents eventually, but there’s nothing worse than not being sure which illness you have or debating whether to undergo a serious procedure. Patients with “mystery illnesses” sometimes see multiple physicians over the course of several years. Patients who live in certain areas don’t have access to the best minds in medicine. And because they’re human, even the best individual physicians make mistakes. AllPatient aims to change all of this.
Who are the physicians who will review my case?
The physicians that review our cases are top, US-based, board-certified physicians. Members of our professional medical community are from organizations such as Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, University of California San Francisco, Yale School of Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania. Physicians are assigned based on the expertise required to best respond to your case.
Is AllPatient right for me?
AllPatient is designed to answer your questions. So whether you’ve been searching for information about a diagnosis or treatment options, or you’re debating surgery, our doctors are here to help. We provide high-quality medical insights and peace of mind for all kinds of cases. If you’re worried, unsure, confused, or have been frustrated by your medical journey so far, AllPatient might be a good fit.
What will AllPatient provide to me?
AllPatient helps with the toughest patient cases by bringing the best doctors in the world together to provide insight on your case online. Because individual physicians sometimes make mistakes, we have multiple doctors review your case independently. We send you a report that makes sense of their conclusions and provides you with information on diagnosis and treatment options so that you and your treating physician can get you the best possible medical outcome. Throughout your entire AllPatient experience, a patient coordinator will be there to answer your questions and ensure a rapid, high-quality outcome. We do all of this online and without you ever needing to see a doctor.
Is AllPatient a second opinion?
“Second opinion” is a confusing term for both patients and doctors. AllPatient provides patients with multiple expert opinions. Depending on your case and medical history, we might be your first opinion -- or your tenth. Regardless, by bringing the world’s top clinicians in one place and equipping them with cutting-edge technology, AllPatient aims to provide you with a set of answers to your questions that give you the knowledge to move forward so you can achieve wellbeing.
How do I know that AllPatient can solve my case?
Multiple peer-reviewed research studies have demonstrated that the opinions of multiple doctors are far better than a single doctor working alone. The AllPatient team has pioneered the use of so-called “collective intelligence” within the medical community and continues to be at the forefront of advances in this field.
Is AllPatient worth the cost?
Very few people have access to the top medical experts in the world, and insurance often doesn’t cover multiple doctors for the same issue. The out-of-pocket expenses to get this kind of medical insight could easily exceed $1,000 and might take several months of appointments, repeated tests, and prolonged uncertainty. AllPatient aims to provide peace of mind for an affordable price -- all in a few days.
How AllPatient works
How does AllPatient work? Do I need to visit a doctor?
AllPatient works by bringing your case to top physicians - all through an online portal that you can access without visiting a doctor. All AllPatient needs is enough information about your case for our physicians to reach their conclusions confidently. Once you tell us a little bit about your medical concern, we create a case. You’ll also have the opportunity to upload any medical records from doctors that you’ve seen already, which is usually very helpful but not mandatory. We then assign a patient coordinator who guides you through the entire process, making sure we have all of the necessary information and that all of your questions are answered. Top doctors review your case details and provide information and explanations that can help you and your treating physician arrive at a diagnosis (if needed) and treatment plan.

AllPatient physicians make assessments based on your medical record, history, imaging, and other information you supply. They do not prescribe medicine, run tests, or physically examine you. They do what they do best: solving complex clinical puzzles and evaluating whether patients are receiving the best possible treatment.
Does a doctor talk with me on video?
AllPatient is not like other services such as telemedicine. Our doctors provide world-class medical information in response to your questions and medical history. Multiple doctors do this at the same time but independently, resulting in the absolute best medical conclusions according to research by leading institutions like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). You never need to schedule time to get on video with a physician.
Does AllPatient provide prescription services?
AllPatient does not provide prescription services. However, if you request a second opinion from us, you will receive a comprehensive report that may include information about various treatment options for you and your treating physician to consider. Treatment plans may include recommended medications and should be reviewed with your treating physician.
Does AllPatient provide medical documentation for litigation?
At this time, AllPatient does not provide expert medical opinions for litigation purposes. Using an AllPatient report in any legal proceeding (including medical malpractice cases) is strictly prohibited.
Getting started with AllPatient
How do I obtain my medical records?
Obtaining medical records is unfortunately not as easy as anyone would like. However, it is important to remember that your medical record is yours to obtain and share as you see fit. Most medical records can be accessed via online patient portals provided by your treating physician's office, hospital, lab, or other healthcare facilities where you have received medical treatment or testing. If a patient portal is not available, just call or visit the office from which you would like to request records. If you have further questions about the process of obtaining medical records, our patient coordinators are here to help: +1 (855) 899-9842.
What if I don’t have my medical record?
No problem. Often a patient can summarize their symptoms, procedures, and medical history in a way that is adequate for AllPatient review -- without uploading a complete medical record. If you have not seen a doctor yet or for some reason cannot obtain your medical records, AllPatient can still be helpful. If you are in doubt, you can always call a patient coordinator: +1 (855) 899-9842.

Keep in mind, though, that for the toughest medical questions, patients frequently have seen a physician already, have undergone tests, have had one or more scans (e.g. MRI, x-ray), and have a well documented medical history. In these cases, AllPatient’s doctors can provide the most helpful opinions only if they have all of the same information the patient’s local physician would have (the complete medical record).
Can I submit a case for someone else?
Of course! We all have loved ones with medical problems. Many of them are elderly or otherwise unable to drive their healthcare decisions completely by themselves. Acting on someone else’s behalf in a healthcare situation does create some legal complexity, so handling their medical records requires that you have the patient’s express written consent to create an account on their behalf. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a patient coordinator: +1 (855) 899-9842.